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BAANSTRAW innovative material

Hyacinth is a biodegradable and safety measure material.

Water hyacinth is an annoying weed that invades the ecosystem of animals and plants, destroying it, and blocks waterways. But water hyacinth also has advantages, young shoots of the plant can be eaten, in addition, various wicker products are made from it, such as baskets, bags and shoes. Plastic waste cannot be stopped, but it can be reduced. Recycling water hyacinth into a damage-absorbing biodegradable material could be a new alternative to shrinking plastic around the world.

eco friendly hyacinth

An innovative ecological filler, for those who care for the world.
River hyacinth could be a new alternative to synthetic fillers and can be helpfull to reduce waste.
Baanstraw uses a technology in which water hyacinth completely loses its moisture by "air drying". The material is very fragrant, and is the best replacement for shredded paper.
-100% natural material, biodegradable, causing no waste.
- Flexible lightweight cushions preventing damage.
- Can be used to fill up your pets environment.
- The material is completely dry, there will be no mildew, can be used to transport fruits and vegetables.

By using natural and eco friendly materials, we will reduce the amount of plastic waste together.

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filler for boxes

Filler for packing:

1 kilogram - 290 baht
5 kilograms - 220 baht

filler for boxes thailand

Hyacinth for weaving:

70-80 cm: 270 baht

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