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Dangerous and edible plants of Thailand

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Thailand, a mysterious country where a lot of surprising and at the same time for a Russian person is not ordinary. People who come to Thailand for the first time may be stylishly shocked by what is happening, but we will hasten to reassure you and tell you a little about interesting places and exotic Thai cuisine. Today we will tell you only about a few types of edible plants of Thai cuisine and about flowers that are dangerous for people. You will be surprised, but in Thailand they eat lotuses.

Every morning, adults go to the lake to pick flowers, at home they are waiting for children who, upon the return of their parents, take off together will clean the lotuses for cooking them for food or for sale, but only the stems are used. Lotus may not be very tasty for us, but for Thais it is very edible.

The next interesting edible specimen is a variety of Thai pea plant Clitoria, popularly called Butterfly pea. It is very popular among Russians and in Thailand it is used very often in salads and in various national dishes.

The flower is almost tasteless, but its petals are velvet and they have a very delicate taste. We used to use it for tea, it contains many useful trace elements and has protective properties for immunity and good for blood circulation.

The last plant species for today, not edible and very dangerous. Dieffenbachia spotted (Dieffenbachia maculata). In Thailand, this plant stands on the street, this is due to the fact that, according to the signs of the Thais, it has a mystical aura, it scares away evil spirits. Another feature the plant possesses is its poisonous juice, which is secreted from damaged leaves of the stem. If it comes into contact with the skin, mucous surfaces of the nose, mouth or eyes, it can cause a burn, an allergy with which I encountered tearing off a leaflet and getting a severe burn. In the mouth, the juice of the plant provokes a swelling of the tongue and salivary glands, which causes temporary loss of speech. Therefore, it is not recommended to put a flower in children's rooms and indoors. For severe pain, be sure to use a cream or allergy pills. That's all for now. Be careful while in an exotic country.

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