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Natural box filler for the safety of product delivery and a more eco choice for companys that want the best for the planet.

Natural river hyecinth is a very light and eco product for safe box filler options.

We only use the river hyecinth that wasnt put to use of becoming a bag or a basket, that way no waste is made, and a more eco way for your products to be delivered safely.

Another way to put river hyecinth to use is to fill up a box witha gift inside for your close ones and friends.

You can also buy river hyecinth for weaving. Check the link attached to know more information.

natural filler box

BAANSTRAW THAILAND team unites the leading manufacturers of straw products in Thailand and provides high quality of their products. We follow the old traditions of weaving to create amazing products. Our masters make wonderful products: straw bags, interior items, carpets, wicker baskets. The cleanliness of the product we make for you is important to us. Carefully selected and prepared straws are bound and intertwined, creating a unique style. Neat weaving, rich colors and only natural materials.

BAANSTRAW fashion - feeIing uniqueness at fair prices. When we talk about branded bags ... we all know about Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hugo Boss, but for the first time we hear about BAANSTRAW, and yet this is our Thai brand that you can fall in love with for many reasons.  While creating BAANSTRAW fashion, we did not leave our primary mission of reviving Thai crafts behind. The design of BAANSTRAW is a combination of minimalism and uniqueness. Properly selected accessories in the design of our products will allow its owner to strengthen the impression and be sure of his or her irresistibility. BAANSTRAW is a fairly young company founded in 2018, which will certainly become an international company and will most definitely be called the best by stylists all over the world.

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